Monday, February 23, 2009

Big announcement!!!

ok I feel like I'm five when I say this but I feel Ucky!
lol Starting sat morning I wake up and my throat feels all closed up and my ears and nose are clogged and just feel bla. So I did my favorite thing to do when I start to feel sick....I went to Jamba Juice!!! and got a cold buster, and a swear within a few hours I was feeling better yay!
So I had a Pajama crop planned with my family and friends from 4-midnight, so everyone came over we watched movies ate tons of junk food and scrapped for hours. luckily no one stayed until midnight lol which was good because by the end of the day I was feeling worse than I started (ugh) anyways, so Sunday morning...well I just did not want to get outta bed I was achy and sore and my nose and ears and throat were all worse! So I curled up on the couch with a big fluffy pillow and a big fuzzy blanket, a bottle of nyquil and a box of tissues. My hubbys Aunt and cousin came over to hang out for a while but they had been sick too so we had a house full of ucky sick-o's lol so Chris (my hubby) and his cousin watched guy kinda shows while I taught his aunt how to use the knifty knitter looms to make a scarf (our girly stuff) and then the boys wen out and got Jamba juice!!!! (can you tell I love me some jamba juice!) so hubby brought me back another coldbuster.
Well today...lets see its like 4:30 in the morning that I am starting this blog lol so that should tell ya something. Chris usually gets up for work just after 3 am and leaves for the train station just before 4 (he commutes into Los Angeles from where we are and takes the train so he doesn't have to worry about driving or traffic, he can hang out, read a book, or do what I think he does most....sleep lol) anyways I woke up a little but fell back asleep and after he leaves the cat (tahnee) usually goes crazy and starts making these crazy meows! I don;t know if it's because he leaves, or if it's one of the neighborhood strays that comes visit at the glass door all the time that she is talking to or if she's afraid that she was left alone so I usually call out to her and she'll come in and snuggle with me on the bed until I wake up at a more normal hour (usually 8) but instead I just got up my throat and mouth were so dries out and my nose and ears clogged I just couldn't stay in bed and do nothing, so today is all about Air bourne every couple hours to jam pack my system with vitamins! tons of tissues and nyquill and probably falling asleep on the couch lol

anyways, sorry for whining but I hate feeling sick! and whats worse than be sick might you ask? ....being sick and alone!!!! =( there's no one here to take care of me =( but I have my English Breakfast tea steeping mmmmm and a comfy couch.

I just wanted to stop in and say hi I am alive (in a manner) and I do have new projects to load up once I feel a little better, and I have a huge announcement!!!!

Pink Papery Studios is getting ready to release our St. Patty's Day Images!!!!! so through out this week check in on all our design team members for previews! (I'll posy mine later today hopefully) There will be 2 St. Patrick's Day specific Images coming to the public this Saturday the 28th!

Wait Wait Wait and that is not all! We will also be releasing a whole slew of new images the week after (march 7th)
This next release will definitely include Easter images!

And I can't tell you for sure what the others are, they may include some of the sneak peaks I have been showing off these past weeks such as a bride, a crafting Amy, and some teen images. And for those of you who like the sexy ones we may have a few for you too.... but like I said I can't tell yet but I think we are looking at almost 10 images that week! So definitely keep a look out!