Monday, February 9, 2009

TGF Valentines Challenge

So this past week I entered a card into the Greeting Farms Valentines Day challenge. The Challenge was to make a Card and to post a Rhym or Poem to go with it.
So this was teh card that I posted
And what I wrote as its description and my rhym was...
Ok So I know this may sound sad or depressing but it truely is not meant to be.My grandmother and Grandfather were married on Valentines day. About 5 or 6 years ago we celebrated their 50th anniversary, and then a few years later my grandfather passed away, which was and still is very hard on my grandma. Every year on their anniversary, on Valentines day my grandpa would send my grandma red roses no matter what, even when he was in the military and over in Korea he didn't miss and the 1st one without him was so hard so my mom and her 3 sisters took it upon them to send her her roses on valentines day. Anyways this Valentine is in dedication of my grandparents. The gold heart symbolizes the milestone of 50 years of marriage (and more)and the paper is SU bella rose to represent the red roses my grandfather always sent without fail, and the characters here are colored to represent them as young sweethearts. Though my grandma is still alive her health ahs begun to give her trouble, and not I think she is going to pass anytime soon you never know what and when things will happen. like my pappy when he got sick it came on quick and before we even made it out to PA to visit him he was gone.
My little rhym is simple and sweet,
No better lovers you'll ever meet.
50 years plus of wedded bliss,
celebrated with every kiss.
A memory held deep and true
A million and one I love you's
Together again they will be
In heaven for all eternity.
And one final bit, So if you happen to recall a few days ago I created a covered composition book using pretty head rachel, well it is featured on The Greeting Farm's Blog today so stop on by and see who the winner of teh valentines day challenge was (it wasn't me =( ) and see my COvered notebook. Well Happy Monday all, and who knows maybe I'll have more goodies to show off later using Pink Papery studios =)

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Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

so cute! I really love that image.