Monday, February 16, 2009

busy weekend

So it's been a busy weekend! Fri night was spent decorating a hall for a friends wedding (my mom has a business doing that sort of thing and I help)...Oh and I chopped off over 4 inches of my hair!!! I'll have to show pics soon but they are on my dads camera so I'll get those soon and post them. then saturday getting up getting ready and then doing the brides makeup, then having to steam the maid of honors dress and do her hair because she was unprepared and I wasn't even a part of the bridal party, my sis was a bridesmaid though. Then getting a gift and going home so my hubby and I could get changed and ready and then it was wedding time. the ceremony was fine the reception was beautiful, and it was very late by the time we got out of there because we had to take down all out table clothes and overlays and chaircovers and sashes happy valentines day to me lol....well we knew in advance so we planned our Vday for sunday. We were going to go to disneyland but due to the wheather being iffy lately (it rained and snowed last week and the next day would be sunny and hot) so with not knowing what the wheather was going to do and being dead tired we decided to spend the day at home and we will go to disneyland sometime soon. so we started the morning with champagne and breakfast and then went to my friends parents house to watch the newleyweds open all their gifts. ran a few errands and then came home and we made home made white pizza it was so good!!!!!
(in case you wanna know the recipe...)
I used the ready made pilsbury pizza dough, rolled it out on a greased pan. took a jar of alfredo sauce and just layed out a thin layer. Sprinkled a layer of mozerella, some big chunks of fresh garlic, layed out fresh spinich leaves, crumbled cooked bacon, another thin layer of mozerella, and little dollops of ricotta, a sprinkle of dried oregano, and dried parsley, and fresh parmesan cheese cooked til melted (9 mins in my oven) and Ta Da!!!! it was sooooooooo good and the hubby even liked teh spinach on it!
anyways so a nice romantic dinner at home with champagne and pizza and we watched some movies and i crafted and he played computer games lol (we're young can you tell? we're only 24)
anyways so here are some cards I made tonight. one is very similar to one a made a little while back but my mom bought the last one off me so here were some new ones to restock my invenotry and more.

PS The Greeting Farm is having a DT call out I am so excited I am deffinately going to apply! I soooooooooooo soooooooooooo soooooooooooooo hope I get on that would make may day!!!! you don't even know!!! so maybe one of these cards will be one of my submissions....maybe not I dunno yet I am going to wait to get my new miss anya stamps to create some with them before I send in my application...but wish me luck!
PPS Whiff of Joy also released those super cute mideival stamps this weekend!!! I haven;t ordered them yet but I am saving up so I can buy them all!!!
Well I hope everyone had a happy Valentines day!!!

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Heather said...

This is so cute all those Digi images put to cards!!! You did a great job!!!

I know that a million people are going to apply for that team!!!!