Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New images at Modern Sugar Blvd! Designed by me!!

So I know I haven't been on my blog much lately but I have been a very busy bee! I was the team captain for our relay for life team, I have been painting wood signs for the Carmelite centers music festival this upcoming weekend, I have been planning a great mothers day tea, i had my 16 year old cousins confirmation and sweet 16 birthday, i had my 6 year old cousins birthday I mean it has been BUSY!! plus I am finally getting my shelving installed in my craft room and been doing some rearranging and organizing once it's down I can't wait to show it off to you guys! Also because of all the craziness my house was a pig sty!!!! so this weekend we started spring cleaning! I am about half done so Ill be done by end of this week, and we planted a little veggie garden in the little patch of dirt we have on out back patio (we live in a duplex) We planted tomatoes and jalapenos and Anaheim Chile's and another kind of Chile.

But amidst all that craziness I haven;t been crafting but I have been designing!!!
So yesterday I showed you the 1st launch designed by me at the DigiShack. and that is exclusive to them! they are the only place you can buy those images, so if you like 'em go and get 'em!

And today I wanted to show you some new images released over at Modern Sugar Blvd.! As I mentioned before I crossed over from PPS to MSB so you will see some of my old images over there as well, but the exciting stuff isn't the old images, it's the new images!!!! So without further adue..... just in time for mothers day this weekend.....

we have Blogging Mama!!!

And Baby Buggie Mama!!!


Valerie said...

LOVE the new images!

Anonymous said...

These are both fabulous! Love'em.

CRYSTAL said...

Love the are too busy, girl!!! wow, I need to read more carefully, I didnt know you did the Lani's over at TDS...I bought the surfboard one yesterday... to enter the challenges... they are adorable!!!