Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who wants more sneak peaks!?!?!

So how did you all like the Hippie Chic?!?! Wasn't she great!?!?!
So how about anotehr late night preview for those of you whom might still be awake, otherwise the rest of you will see it tomorrow tee hee hee.

dun dun dun (I love doing that can't you tell I have to build up suspense some how lol)
We have "I can do it" Our Miss Fix it Momma here! yay!!!
So here is the thing this is kinda 2 previews in one hmmmmmm how does that well is the image isnt she cute ( and yes she has full legs I just chopped them off for this tag) but the second preview....well do you remember me mentioning to you that I was building shelves in my craft room?!?!

So here they are!!! Ok no I did not build them from scratch, my dad built these at his old shop a long time ago and well when they gave up the shop and moved the office to tehir house, these were gonna go to storage or get scrapped (most likely scrapped lol) and well I could deffinatly use some storage and organization around here so I put dibbs in! Well the thing is my dad built these in to a specific spot and well getting them out was not easy and they kinda fell apart i mean completely colaapsed all the left shelves and well teh nails ripped right through teh wood etc. lucky me the right side stayed intact yay! and i have had those up for a few weeks now but i really needed to get teh rest done so rather than keep waiting on hubby or daddy to do it, I did it!!!
And I did a darn good job I think, it's not perfect I know and once we buy a house we will jsut have to tear these down again and rebuild them again so i figure no biggy when that time comes i will sand all the pieces and restain and varnish all the pieces and rebuild it better, but for now it works great!
SO here is teh whole view and do you see my littls tag hanging there?
here is the side i had to completely rebuild boy was it hard it was deffinately a job for 2 people and I did it all myself and it took some trial and error and some more error lol but I got it done! and now i have a place to put my second computer and the hubby even gets teh top shelfe for his display items like his model cars and star wars toys lol 9they are disney so its ok lol (its donald duck and stitch etc as diff star wars characters) I still ahve lots to do to get my shelves full and organized and my floors empty lol but it's a work in progress

so here is my tag hanging on the shelf

and here is what I wrote on the back for the hubby to see lol : WHo needs a Man when you have a power drill. told you I could do it! Linds"

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Tink said...

I LOVE the tag!! So very true!! LOL