Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I miss my crafting =(

So these past weeks I have not had a stitch of time to do my own crafting. I had stamp designs galore to do for both the Digishack and Modern Sugar Blvd. I also had a bunch of wood signs to paint for a music festival hosted by the carmelite center (where the carmelite nuns live) Then I had mothers day planning to do I hosted a Tea for my mom, my cousins mom, my husbands aunt (his mom lives in another state) and my sisters mother in law. I made the invites and I did tons of baking and cooking for it and then trying to catch up on all my house work...uggggghhhhh the past few months were crazy busy always had something going on all weekend long everyweekend and you know when your gone a lot and you dont put things away when you get back they pile up fast!!!! and when your not concentrating on your house because you are trying to find a job and do all these other things like stamp designing and painting signs lol well your house gets a mess!!!! lol and to top it off I have been doing some reconstruction in my craft room too so I hadn;t been able to see my craft table in weeks!

Well now that things are settled I told myself this week (or at least the first few days) are for me. For me to get my house back in order and for me to finish a few household projects I am working on and for me to do some crafting! Well I am getting there, I'm not done but I'm getting there!Ii got the bathrooms done, the bedroom almost done I still have some laundry to finish and gotta fold a ton of socks and undies all I have left now is to finish the living room and craft room...lol ok I think no one really cares about my chores lol So lets move on to teh good stuff!
I finally have projects to show off and more lines up to be finished tomorrow!
1st off we have my mothers day tea invitation I used my cttlebug on metalic paper for the bckground and I used my cricut with layered metalic papers to create the tea pots and the sentiment. I finally got to use my cricut design studio!!!! I have had it soooooooo long and have yet to be able to try it out and now I did and I love it!!!!! I so need to upgrade to the expression!!! lol I have decided with my new store/site going to be starting in the near future there are 2 things that I am going to work on saving up to buy one teh cricut expression...and a larger printer that can print 12x12 pages!!! anyway, we're moving on! lol

Next here are some mothersday cards I made for my hubby's mom, and 2 grandma's since I couldnt have them at the tea because the live too far away. and I finally got to use my bellas again!!! I havent used my bella's in soooooo long
Next I finally got to use one of my own new stamp images! yay for me! and I loved her! the lines are smooth and the girl is so sirene and i just love her big belly and the heart with her hands I really am very happy how she turned out and was super excited to play with her today

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Anonymous said...

These are all great but I really adore the last one. Totally awesome. Glad you are finding some time for YOU. >:0)