Monday, May 4, 2009

Time for part 2 of the contest!

Ok all, I know I said I was going to post on sunday, but i had a tragedy happen on sat not a death but still something very sad. I took my cousin to a movie in the morning to get her out of the house for her sweet 16 surprise party, and she was admiring my ring and was like did you just clean it its so sparkly today! so i took a look and boy was it sparkly!!! minus one spot! on of the 6 small diamonds that frame the large diamond was gone, broken off!!! AHHHHH!!!!! I was sooooo upset! and we have great warrenties on it no worries, He got it at Robbins Brothers! however the closest robbins brothers was an hour and a half away, and in order for the warrenties to be upheld you had to take it in every 6 months for a check up which i did but the didnt log anything in the computer unless they do work on it sooooo you have to keep this little piece of paper that they date and sign off each time.... (i moved around the time i last had it inspected and still have boxes of paperwork everywhere still needing to go through so like i knew where it was) luckily i found it in the glovebox of my car!!! and drove teh hour and a half each way to take it in today, and it will be ready on thursday!!!!

So needless to say my little drama took up some time and i didnt get to post yet sorry, but I am now!!!!

So the winners of my top ten (even though some may have had to be changed or some are not included in the poll because they were already taken I figured you all still deserved the prize!)

1)Jan J - with Lindsay's Craft Pad (The craft Pad)
2 and 3 and 4)Tonya - with Crafters connection
and Sassy Craft studios (sassy studios)
and Creative Cafe
5)Cake Junkie - with Scrap City
6)Georgia Ehrmann - with Dream Girls
7)Dee- with Scrap Shack
8 and 9 )Valerie - with Classy Crafts
and The craft room
10) Jana - with Papercrafters Boutique

So ladies if you won pleas email me at with your selections remember you get to pic any 5 sets or images of your choice! and if you suggested more than one selected name you get 5 for each name selected (only fair right!) soooo the poll will start tomorrow morning, and will run through the 18th so remember to vote for your favortite and encourage others to come vote for theirs too!


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your ring, I know you had to be devastated. Glad you got it taken care of though.

Thanks so much!! I will get my list of images I want together. Your designs are fabulous!!

Have a fabulous day!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

So glad that you found the receipt for your ring check! And... I am so happy to be able to pick out some of your images as I love them all! I will e-mail you my choices once I can decide!
Thank You!

Cynthia said...

Stamp candy would be cool for a shop.

Scrubbysue said...

wow! well, glad the whole ring thing worked out! and congratulations to everyone that won!!!