Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's a Lani Luau Kinda Day

So I announced earlier this month I was designing images for the DigiShack and I am and it is soooooo much fun! I love doing these cute little girls! and I have been wanting to play with them ever since I created them, and now I finally got the chance! yay!!!!

The 1st image I did was designed after their logo because we all know how cute she is! I did not design the original logo that was via another artist and I mean they did a great job! If I knew who the artist was I would totally plug them and give a shout out to them. So anyways I mean this one is very much similar since i did use the same pose and overall look but I tried to keep her my style at the same time and not copy that artist. (in design school we are taught you just have to change something 10 or 15% I can't recall the exact # right now but change it that much and it is a legal knockoff) and believe me that sounds terrible I know and I in no way wanted to knock off thier skills or their illustration because theirs is sooooo much better than mine is but the goal was to create a stamp image that was like the digi shack logo because well we all loved it soooo much and wanted it sooooo anyways long story short I totally give credit to teh other artist for the idea and if i find out who the artist is I will link to them later. But she was my version of their idea and she is different...and she is great!

So without further adue we have Lani on her palm leaf! and I was completely inspired by the hawaiian tradition of giving a lei and so lani here is surrounded by a ring of flowers.

Next we have Hula Lani and well I had to set the stage for the perfect hula Performance with palm trees all around.
And we have our Surfer Lani catching some of those great summer waves!


Tammy said...

Super cute cards!

Dee said...

OH WOW!!! These cards tottaly rock. Your coloring is fabulous. SO pretty - I love them all!