Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Grad to my BFF Shannon

So I know I haven't been around my blog much lately but I promise I have been busy busy busy!!! I have been desiging new girls for the DigiShack, and new girls for MSB and even a few just for myself for when i finally get to launch my new store. I have been looking into my options for selling my images myself and designing a new blog. I am hoping I can set up a blog that I can sell from with a shopping cart, vs having a seperate store and seperate blog It would be great to just have one place to do it all. So I'm working on that. I have been looking like mad for a job with no success yet had a few interviews so i am crossing my fingers, and I have been working on my craft room!!! and it is sooooooo close to being done! it will be soooo nice! and as soon as it is I will show off some pics! I have also been creating I promise I promise, I have tons and tons of stuff to show off today as well as throughout the rest of this week!!! and I have been working on some Albums for my grandma. When I went to PA to visit her in Jan. I raided all her old pics, and brought home a huge 50 lb full to the brim suitcase full of photos!!!! the great thing is there are pics of my pappy when he was drafted and in korea in the military, and there are very very old pics of my great grandmother and my great great grandmother!!! I mean these are great! only prob is great grandma dies when i was young, great great grandma passed I thin before i was born or when I was a baby, pappy (or grandpa) passed a few years back, the only person who even knows who any of these peopls are are my grandma and my great great aunt (the sister of my great grandma) so these photos have beenstored in misc boxes and drawers for so long they are curled and damagedand some so discolored! so we are working on scanning all the important ones, and then putting them all in albums with page protectors so they can be enjoyed for years and years to come! its a HUGE project and I am so happy my mom is helping! so teh past few days I have been going to my parents house for a few hours everyday working on this endeavour.

So now that everyone is caught up on my news how about some pics!!!!
So one of my best friends of all time Shannon graduated with her Bachelors in Communication this weekend!!! and sad to say she is moving to Utah to go for her masters in phsical therapy. I am gonna miss her sooooooo mcuh! but not as much as she is gonna miss sunny California!
So I had to make her something special for her Grad.

I started with making a box out of SU card stock I did a base and a lid, and cut a window in teh lid and used a clear film in the window. I then decorated the lid with designer paper I got at Michaels. I used a great black ribbon as a belly band to hold it all closed and decorated with an S for shannon cut from my Cricut.

Then I filled it will all sorts of matching monogrammed items just for her!

First of course with any stationery set you must have some monogrammed cards right so I did 2 horizontal and 2 vertical in each color.

Then I made scalloped circle seals with her monogram on it as well glued half way to the envelope so once its sealed it looks all nice.

A magnetic note pad that coordinated, So I just made a pretty belly band on it.

I also got a 2 year planner with no set dates (you fill in your own dates) and created a cover for it and slid it right back in its protective sleeve and gave it a pretty belly band too

Then those littls note pads at michales with the pens are great! but none of teh covers matched soooooo I tore it off and created my own out of cardstock and paper, then I also had a mini calendar and note pad I glued inside with it as well. Here is the front and the inside views.

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